Curriculum Overview

Year 3

Curriculum Newsletter for Year 3 Autumn Term 1 2017/2018

Year 4

Curriculum Newsletter for Year 4 Autumn Term 1 2017/2018

Year 5

Curriculum Newsletter for Year 5 Autumn Term 1 2017/2018

Year 6

Curriculum Newsletter for Year 6 Autumn Term 1 2017/2018


In May each year,  Year 6 children take the Key Stage 2 SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests).

Find our most recent results here.

In 2018 SATs week starts on 14th May.

Follow the link for useful SATs revision sites.


Year Three

Gecko: Mrs Sansi & Miss Dcaccia

Lemur: Miss Mason

Kudu: Mrs Shiels & Mrs Quinlan

Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Miss Allen, Mrs Bibi, Mrs Nahar & Mrs Nabi

Year Four

Antelope: Mr Diffley

Leopard: Mr Phipps & Miss Harris (Autumn Term only)

Buffalo: Mrs Rajput & Mrs Beasley

Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Miss Parkes & Mrs Athwal

Year Five

Eland: Miss Aujla

Aardvark : Mrs Kauser

Gazelle: Mr Brennan

Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Ms Jenkins & Mrs Rogers

Year Six

Wildebeest: Mrs Whitehouse

Oryx: Mrs Sumal

Impala: Mr Skinner

Year 6 Teaching Assistants: Mr Swingewood, Mrs Thaper & Ms Nelson